The Hip Hop Fallacy of racial harmony

There is a false belief(mainly propagated by rappers) that hip hop has been a driving force in the decline of racism. I would like to present an argument that this is indeed false. White Americans in this country have a long history of enjoying and appropriating black culture but still maintaining their racist ideologies towards blacks. Let’s have a brief history lesson of black music in America.

Let’s begin with Ragtime. Ragtime which was a precursor to Jazz and arguably the most popular musical genre across the world during the early 20th century. Ragtime began in the late 19th century in African American communities in St Louis. The most popular composer Scott Joplin, who was born in Northeast Texas. Helped to make Ragtime a popular and viable genre. His most famous piece, Maple Leaf Rag (which I advise anyone reading to listen to on YouTube).

Point to be made from this is while Ragtime a black musical art-form was the most popular musical genre of its era, with many of its black musicians being celebrated worldwide(sound familiar). Occurred during the nadir years, the worst period of race relation(post slavery) in this American history. On average, a 100 African Americans were lynched a year, between the years of 1875 and 1920.

Jazz which followed right after Ragtime was the most popular genre in the world, from the 1920s up into the 1930s. The 1920s was, in fact, synonyms with Jazz, with many historians coining this period as the Jazz age. Jazz could be heard from clubs all the way from up in Harlem to Paris to even Tokyo. It perhaps was the first time that American culture began to have a global presence. While many Whites frequent Black establishment(really only in the Northeast cities and a few Midwest cities) you would have been hard press to any Blacks frequenting White establishments.

I bring up Ragtime and Jazz just to illustrate a historical example of White’s enjoying the fruits of African American culture during a period of legalize racism and rampant racial violence(look up the red summer of 1919). Now let’s get into the modern era.

Hip Hop today is a musical genre that is widely consumed around the world. Millions of youth from various ethnic backgrounds have adopted hip hop fashion, language, and many other of its cultural facets for themselves. Hip Hop in itself is a facet of African American culture. originating in poor African American communities in the Bronx. As way for young inner city kids to express themselves.

This brings me to an important topic, the usage of the N-word(or frankly nigga). The word Nigga is just a simple modification of the word Nigger. A derogatory word used against African Americans throughout most of their history in America.

First, there’s the argument that nigga is an entirely separate word from Nigger with its own meaning and context. This is not the case at all. Some will say that nigga is used as a term of endearment, no it’s not! I’ll present you an example of this

Two black men who are friends greeting each other “wats up my nigga” example two an inner city drug deal gone bad “I’m going to kill you nigga” can you figure out the point I’m trying to make.

Interracial relationships and the underpinnings of fetishism

I have no doubt in my mind that the vast majority, in my own estimates 90% of interracial relationships that I observe on a regular bases in the city of New York has fetishized under-linings. Let me elaborate on this. The most common mix grouping I witness is that of white males and oriental women. What comes to mind when I observe this coupling is how this man is relieving his yellow fever, his fantasized perception of this far-eastern girl, innocent and soft-spoken creature from the east. This oriental female views her white male lover as having the qualities of being assertive, powerful, masculine, and of course being rich. These associated attributes are of course opposite to the stereotype of oriental men. Who are usually stereotyped as nerdy, effeminate, and weak?

Now I’m not saying that I’m against interracial relationships. It’s quite possible that two people from totally different cultures and backgrounds, can truly just like each other, withstanding the fact that they come from two totally different circumstances. But let us not fool ourselves into believing that when you see for example a black man with a white woman that he and she are not relieving some sought of racialized-sexualized fantasy on their different inter-race partner.

I’ll give you my own experiences with this subject. I can remember conversating with this young Asian woman my freshman year of college who attested to me that she was not a bit attracted to Asian men. Now she wasn’t the only one I would hear this from. Scores of Asian women are involved in interracial relationships primarily with Caucasian men. Don’t take my word for it, look at the statistics on mixed race couples and you’d find Asians (particularly women) are involved in interracial relationships more than any other group.

I feel that if you were never born on this land of blond hair and blue eyes. And you were living the country of your origin whether it be china, japan, Korea. Are you telling me you wouldn’t be involved with anybody, because they don’t possess the physical racial characteristics that you find exotic? We all know the answer to this.

We can’t escape it, we all live in a very Euro-centric world in which whiteness is held on the highest of pedestals.

There are Black women that don’t like black men because they deem white men as more eloquent, kind, and responsible. I once had a conversation with a young black female in which she went on and on of how she was attracted to white men. How they are so nice and kind. My reply to all her compliments on white men where how “I indeed seen many photos of smiling NICE white men, black and white photos with a black body hanging in the background.”

Let’s be frank before everyone gets on the “how great whites are bandwagon”, let’s talk about the history of slavery, imperialism, and violence that caused these Europeans to become so dominate in world affairs.

Now I’m not a racist. I have nothing against white people. I have nothing against anybody, but I have a problem with people saying they are only attracted to one particular race, even if it’s a white woman who loves black men because it comes down to my early argument, its fetishism and the assigning of certain attributes to groups based on their race.

Women role in their degradation

Many women or so call Feminist will argue that we currently live in a patriarchal society where women are seen not an as human beings with emotions or thought but as objects. Women are being objectified to mere sexual commodities, here to serve as men sexual fantasies. This is correct in many ways women are constantly being objectified in American pop-culture, in fact, women are objectified in many cultures outside of America. Have you ever watched a Japanese anime, in which the majority contains a stereotypical big-bobbed female character?

My only critique to this is that it paints a very one-sided picture of men demeaning women, were women are innocent victims of men’s insidious sexualizing of them. But aren’t women partially to blame for this? When I walk the streets of New York City in the summer what do I find, scores of women walking through the streets seamlessly with tight jean shorts, legs exposed, and buttocks prudently out? I as a heterosexual young man has my attention constantly diverted to glance at these delicacies of the flesh.

Here’s the point to be made, hip hop videos are constantly galvanized for its disparage imagery of women, but instead of criticizing the rappers or the directors, what about the women that fully participate in their so called degradation. The women who for a price will perform all sought of sexual depravity on screen. This is the pragmatism of these criticisms it doesn’t hold women accountable.

I once remember watching a Tupac interview, in which he addresses the criticism to his demeaning lyrics, his response was “women say bitch the loudest, they themselves no there are bitch’s out there” to give my own interpretation of Tupac response, I believe Pac was just stating women themselves know that there are egotistical women who will resort to any means get what they want.

A justifiable response to this post is that women grow up in a society, in which they are constantly bombarded with images on how they should behave, talk, and dress. This is the same for men, that are taught to be tough, lack emotions, and are encouraged to conquer as many women as possible, and are celebrated and admired for their promiscuity, while women are ridiculed (by both men and women) for replicating these same behaviors.

Now there’s a possible scientific explanation for these double standards. The theory holds that men are biologically programmed to have as much sex with as many women as possible, to better their chances of spreading their genes, and thus ensuring that a piece of them exist for the next generation (kind of poetic in a way). Women on the other hand are supposed to be more sexually selective with who they mate. Women (as the theory goes) are to look for men who have the best resources to ensure their offspring survival (in our modern times that means men with the most money) and those that show signs of good physical health, i.e. tall height, muscular built, and a symmetrical face.

Like any group that’s oppressed, in order for the oppression to be successful, there has to be compliance between the oppressor and the oppressed. And this in my opinion is the case presented here.

Hypocrisy of murder in the Black community

Why is that whenever there’s an incident where a young black man gets murdered
by a white police officer, there is this outrage in the black community? But this same
feeling of grievance isn’t present by the significant number of young black men
murdered by other black men. The fact is, statistically the number one cause of death for young black men in America is murder, and the number one perpetrators in these murders are other black men.

Now I’m not  exonerating a white cop that kills an innocent young black man, but I
believe that their needs to be the same amount of passionate outrage for the thousands of black youth’s that die on the streets of Chicago, Detroit, or New Orleans by other black youth’s every year.

I understand the background of these crimes are disenfranchisement and lack of
Opportunities; that lead’s many young men of color to crime. With very
little hope for the future and lack of scope of what is out there for them.

So as anyone who is reading this blog might realize I’m addressing the recent events
in Ferguson, Missouri. I don’t need to give anyone a summary of the event’s that went on this small city these past few months(as anyone who doesn’t live under a rock should already know), Ferguson is going through political unrest. Massive amounts of protesting and rioting. Police serving as these crowds adversaries’ in this tragic tale of community anger towards what they deem as injustice, for an innocent youth.

African Americans need to take more responsibility in our neighborhoods, more supervision and insight in our children lives. There is no reason me as a black man should feel safer in a white neighborhood then I do in a black neighborhood.

Constantly we are bombarded with the rhetoric that we should fear the police, but is it the police that is the reason many black communities are parallels to war zones, those not different from the ones you would find in Syria, Gaza, or the Congo. The neighboring city is St Louis, a predominately black city, that has a considerable homicide rate (ranked number 3 in America and 45th in the world). Is just another example of how many blacks ignore problems of violence’s blighting the black community every day.

Now when it comes to the police, I believe they should be held responsible. Critics to this blog post will reply that cops are public servants and should be held to higher standard than some black gang-banger. And to this criticism, I’m in complete agreement. Cops are given a great deal of power. They are allowed to carry firearms in public and under certain circumstances are granted the right to take an individual’s liberty and life. To quote a famous fictional wise man “with great power comes great responsibly”, police officers have a responsibility to protect and serve the community that pays their salary. Many times as I walk through my neighborhood of Jamaica, Queens I see cops accost black men for no other reason but that they are gathered together in a particular area. Wondering to myself if this was a white neighborhood, with white males, would the police be so attentive towards this group’s actions are would they just go on with their duties? My instincts steer me towards the latter.

A little something about myself

Hello I don’t feel like exclaiming my legal given name for the WordPress masses so instead you can refer to me as Xman11422. To give you a little background information on myself. I’m 25 years old. I’m a recent graduate of Hunter College with a B.A in Sociology and a minor in History. I’m black (are to be political correct African American) and I’m a male.

         My blog will consist mostly my viewpoints on varies topic whether it be on race, sex, history, society, religion, etc. These are my own personal opinions. I’m not here to offend anybody but if I do please respond back with a clear and constructive comment on the offending post. Enjoy