Why Black America need a conservative revolution!!!

I know many black people took the victory of Donald Trump very hard, but I would like to suggest maybe such a victory isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Black people in this country(certainly not all) are content on receiving government handouts. A Trump victory was seen as a sign of a reduction in public housing, food stamps, and Medicaid. My issue with this is how did so many black people become so reliant on the government for self-sufficiency.

The bottom line is that the government is not going to help black people with their issues, which are (but not limited to) high cases of violent crime in black communities, low educational achievement, a high incarceration rate, high illegitimate births, and high instances of poverty. All these can neither be solved by either Democrat or Republican party.

In the case of inadequate education, is it a system of bad funding in the school systems or a culture that prompts anti-intellectualism in the black community. What is a school but not just bricks and books, it’s the pupil and the quality of teachers that truly set the educational standard. The chief reason Asians do so exceptionally well in school is because of their collective attitude towards education.

In the case of black crime, when will individual accountability be taken into account. The same sob story that been going on for decades, of black men being forced to a life of crime because of lack of opportunity. My argument against this is was there even an attempt of many of these black men to make their own opportunity, by investing in themselves through education, setting up their own business, etc. In a predominantly black city of Detroit were African American make up 80% of the population, only 10% of the businesses are black own. Who’s at fault for this? Is it the opportunistic South Asian immigrant or the sluggishness of black entrepreneurs in these communities.Many black people complain about the inability of getting loans to set up businesses, but is it racism or lack of creditworthiness that many blacks are unable to attain loans.

Black American are currently caught up in a downward spiral. Black people in this country has one of the lowest median income of any racial group, currently standing at about 35,000$. There is absolutely no wealth being generated in swaths of black communities across this country. Constantly people complain about gentrification, but many time gentrification is the only way to invigorate these blighted communities with the investment and capital that is needed to improve these areas. Without urban renewal schemes these communities, Harlem, Brooklyn, the South Bronx would remain poor.

Let’s talk about housing projects and how it basically became a way to keep millions of people in concentrated intergenerational poverty. Many of the urban developmental programs can trace the history back to 1930s as a way to provide low-income citizen access to modern housing. What started out as a progressive housing policy became an urban-policy disaster from Cabrini Green to the South Bronx, thousands of public housing projects became infested with crime, poverty, almost any case of urban blight one can think of.
The solution for the Black American for his advancement is to as I proposed in the introductory paragraph is to stop relying on the government and start relying on himself, no more food stamp, no more public housing, no more government welfare. It’s quite simple, get educated(particularly in a marketable skill such as engineering, finance, and medicine), wait until you are married to have children, invest your money in stock and bonds instead of a pair of air Jordans. Bottom line, take responsibility for your own life!!!

3 thoughts on “Why Black America need a conservative revolution!!!

  1. Because every black american ‘buys air jordans’ instead of spending their money on things like, basic needs.

    Yup, totally spot on, if you’re a fucking racist.

  2. Weird that the problems that you claim are endemic to black culture are problems that affect all poor demographics; from the Asians you speak so highly about to White people whose culture apparently promotes education (they live in the good school districts), not using food stamps (apparently all young white people don’t have to feed themselves + their parents + siblings + pay for healthcare + housing + school), investing (they have enough income to invest after necessary expenses), etc.

    That is unless the White or Asian person is born into a lower economic class and lives in Appalachia, the Rust Belt, the Midwest, outside of the wealthy enclaves of Manhattan, Silicon Valley, New England etc.

    A just-so story about personal responsibility and culture being at the heart of inequality helps one sleep at night. It’s comforting to be reminded that bad things happen to bad, irresponsible people and that you are good because bad things haven’t happened to you. It’s more difficult to accept that life isn’t just, fair and that people with power will use that power to gain a leg up over you even if that means you can’t afford housing, healthcare or food. That, sometimes, bankers in a city 1,200 miles away might try to knowingly profit from bad investments, and when their house of cards comes crashing down, you will lose your home and job. It’s also a convenient political talking point that shifts responsibility from those who engage in social, legal and employer discrimination for their own profit to those who are being shit upon to their detriment. It means that the discussion shifts from “how do we tackle the problem of people not being able to eat because there isn’t enough work” to “how do we cut welfare so these lazy blacks will finally get a job and not buy Air Jordans on the dole?”

    It’s clear from your writing that you’ve been shielded from a life of poverty and effects of poverty since your short time out of school. Consider yourself lucky. Just hope that your income at least raises to match inflation (wages haven’t gone up since the 70’s), your benefits aren’t cut and your job isn’t automated or outsourced away. Otherwise, your kids might find themselves in the same situation you’re pinning 100% on personal responsibility.

    (or your post was good satire in which case: Good game, my friend. You got me)

  3. The state of black Americans is a combination of effects of government policies and personal accountability. Both have to be acknowledged. I like the idea Dr. Claud Anderson put forth in his book Powernomics; build your economic base by supporting black businesses, then use that leverage to influence legislation, education, media, etc.

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